2021 Hobby Recap

Tuesday, January 18, 2022


A quick summary of all my hobby activities in 2021, and what I'm planning for 2022.

Here's the list and some pictures of all models painted last year, broken down by faction.

Sisters of Battle / Adepta Sororitas:

  • Imagifier
  • Mortifier

Dark Eldar / Drukhari:

  • 5x Hellions
  • Ravager
  • 10x Wracks
  • Succubus
  • Old Lilith model
  • Urien Rakarth
  • 5x Mandrakes

Raptors / Space Marines:

  • Terminator Captain (Heroes series)
  • Terminator Chaplain 

  • Primaris Techmarine
  • 6x Eradicators 

  • 3x Bladeguard Veterans 

  • Bladeguard Ancient
  • 5x Tactical Marines
  • Judiciar 

  • 2x Dreadnoughts
  • 2x Drop Pods


  • Rasputina
  • Yvraine 

2021 Overview

I had forgotten about a number of these models so it was a good exercise to go back thru my photos over the year. I take a lot of pictures of projects that don't always make it into a proper post here, so it was enjoyable re-discovering some of these and watching the annual list grow. I painted more than I remembered working on, and I half started a handful of other models (mostly for Raptors) but I didn't quite hit my goal of a 2000pts painted Raptors army; I think I roughly painted around 1100pts towards that one and am pleased with how it's starting to look like an actual army.

Despite the pandemic and everything that's come with it, I was fortunate enough to safely attend 2 awesome gaming events: the Atlantic City Open (ACO), and Beards & Bolters' Lords of War Incursion Tournament. I'd love to try to attend even more events this year, but that of course depends on the state of the pandemic, so we'll see what happens and just take it one event at a time.

2022 Goals

This year I'd like to incorporate painting as a more regular activity in my weekly routine (daily would be even better but that's not always realistic and for a habit to stick I should really start with an attainable one). This doesn't necessarily mean more models painted either so I'm not tying it to a specific number; although, if I can successfully make it a more regular part of my routine, I suspect my model output would increase.
Daisy's newest model

I'd like to tackle my backlog of Age of Sigmar (AoS) models and get my Stormhost built & painted. I haven't kept up with the game-side of AoS, so I'll need to pick up the latest edition rules but I'm really looking forward this. I've only ever had fantastic games of AoS, so I know it's good fun. I'm excited to dive into this game with my daughter, Daisy, as she's interested in starting her first army collection ­čśŐ

I also want to play more games this year. I want to keep up with the hiking & biking this year as well, and push towards at least 780 miles (15 per week).

To wrap this up, I'll leave you with a teaser of a new topic/hobby I've recently gotten into and will talk about in the next post. Cheers!

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