Happy New Year

Tuesday, January 4, 2022


Happy New Year!

I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays and off to a great 2022. It's been a little while since I've updated, due to real life as always but you gotta do what you gotta do. Thankfully, the start of this year is looking a lot less busy than the end of the last one, so hopefully a little more hobby is on the horizon.

2021 was an interesting year... For me it was much better then the year prior but also felt very busy; kinda hard to describe but pandemic pace seems fitting. After getting vaccinated, I tried to get outside as much as I could -- I fixed up my old mountain bike and started riding some local trails I had come across while hiking:

my "dad bike"

no, I did NOT send it! ;)

I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't seen the tracking data from AllTrails & Google Maps, but I managed to log over 500 miles hiking + biking during 2021:

Among those miles was my first ever bike-packing trip, 100 miles to DC with my friend Nick, and it was one of the most fun & epic adventures I've ever had!

I can't emphasize the 'adventure' aspect enough -- I never viewed a single mile as exercise or working out. I admit, I was working on myself; first out of necessity to help manage my carpal tunnel pain & avoid surgery; but then it became about the joy that comes with exploring nature. The more I explore  outside the more I seem to understand/accept what's inside. The physical relief from regularly getting outside is tangible & swift; but the mental/emotional relief lasts even longer. There's healing to be found on trail, much more than just the physical kind. You see, I also struggle with depression, anxiety, and more recently, overcoming the grief that comes with the loss of loved ones. It takes time.

I want to start this year off by sharing what has had the most profound impact on my life for dealing with everything from day to day stress to the overwhelming big stuff -- and that's to carve time out every week for adventure (your adventure activity may differ but point is to regularly give yourself the time & space). Also, try not to think of this reserved time as a luxury / nice to have; it's essential, everyone has to recharge their batteries.

Speaking of time, this blog crossed the 11 year mark last month... which makes me feel very old haha. I'll get to the miniature hobby updates on the next one, but just wanted to say thanks to everyone for being a part of this thing.

my new adventure bike

I just got a new bike so I'm gonna go ride it ­čśÇ

Happy 2022! Cheers everyone!

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