My Entire Raptors Army

Friday, August 20, 2021


Taking stock of my Raptors Space Marine army collection and setting some new goals.

Somehow, I had never done an inventory of my Raptors minis before now. But with my enthusiasm for the green marines still going strong from the last event, this seemed like the most logical place to start.

I'm not sure how many points are here, but I would like to have a nicely painted 2000 point list by the end of the year, and I won't count the Knight Paladin towards that goal. I actually had more of these guys started / primed than I remembered. I think I stalled out when I realized how much Agrax earthshade & Nuln oil I would need to invest in... Until realizing I could make my own washes:

90% water, 9.5% cheap craft store paint, 0.5% dawn dish soap

The 3 dreadnoughts just off the mat will probably be repainted into Raptors colors too, but I'll finish the 2 I started first.


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