PopPop Paladin

Sunday, August 1, 2021


Dusty but down to play.

There's a fun event coming up that is all about Lords of War. It's an Incursion battle (1000pts) but you must have a Lord of War in a Super Heavy Aux detachment, so not a lot of points left for the rest of your army.

My Imperial Knight is the best LoW model I own, so that choice was easy. But I've never played a game with it and last time I even looked at rules for it they were in White Dwarf... so needless to say, I'm trying to learn the latest rules & House benefits. I considered adding a carapace weapon (because who doesn't want to pile on a custom kitbash job while learning the rules with less than a week to go...)

Luckily, I came to my senses and looked up how big those actual top mounted weapons are and shelved the idea.

I think I'll keep the weapons loadout exactly how it is on the stock Paladin, as the rapid fire battle cannon is nice and the reaper chainsword can get it. If anyone has any experience/advice on which House & strats I should focus on for 9th edition play or what I should bring to support it, please let me know down below. Cheers!

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