Mini Duels Review & Other Gaming Goodies

Friday, April 26, 2019

Last month I turned another year older and used the occasion to order some really cool gaming gear.

First up, I snagged one of Frontline Gaming's new game mats, the Overgrown City, sized perfectly for Kill Team.

It not only looks great but also allows me to set up a second game table in my garage or dining room. Also a great size for transporting to local gaming hangouts.

Next up is this handy game aid from Field of Fire Gaming for tracking the game turn and each player's command & victory points.

My next order was for a bunch of movement trays and a dice tray from Mini Duels.

Everything was dispatched quickly and I was pleased that a lot of it came pre-glued. I first heard about this place after getting a couple movement trays in my Nova swag. I went for an assortment of base sizes for the trays as I plan to use them in Age of Sigmar as well, but I'm most excited about the 25mm base to base and 2" spaced trays.

These are incredibly useful! They help speed up movement, help eliminate ambiguity around unit coherency, and are great visual tools for teaching spatial awareness and illustrating how much area of the table a unit can occupy. Deploying screen units to box out enemy deep strikers? The 2 inch spaced tray is your friend. Hiding in tight spaces or disembarking from a transport vehicle? Here you go!

In a game as intricate as Warhammer and with more and more high model count / horde style armies, anything to help clarify where something is or which unit a model belongs to is welcome. These have also helped to make the game more accessible / approachable for my young kids ­čśü

And last but not least, my incredible wife surprised me with this hand-made giant plush D6!

yes it's as big as an Imperial Knight!
Not only that, she knit me this amazing pair of socks!

How cool is that!? I swear she's like a 3D printer with yarn (or possibly a magician...) ­čśë I absolutely LOVE these!

Next up, I'll show you how I add a little form to the function of these movement trays by dressing them up to match the bases of my army.

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