Eldar Supreme Command Detachment

Friday, April 19, 2019

I've been working on a few new army lists for 40k and the first one I want to talk about includes an Eldar Supreme Command detachment.

There's been a lot of discussion recently about mono-faction vs "soup" army lists due to the ITC change in how faction points are tallied for the 2019 season. The community overwhelmingly voted to only count pure, single faction army lists for determining Best in Faction awards. I wasn't too surprised by the survey outcome and while I don't think it'll drastically shift the competitive meta, I do hope it encourages more diversity. I tend to prefer pure Dark Eldar lists myself, but this first list was devised while watching the LVO stream and thinking about ways to deal with the proliferate Knight Castellan.

My first thought was to add some threatening unit of my own, and seeing how I don't yet own a Tantalus, I next thought of the Wraithknight. I haven't seen many people run the eldar knight in 8th edition, and wasn't familiar with it's current stats, so I figured it wasn't nearly as scary as previous editions. Therefore, to try to add the extra scary back I thought I'd include Eldrad for psychic buffing / enemy debuffs. It was clear then that I needed to use the Supreme Command to fit all this into one detachment.

I had already converted a Farseer Skyrunner for a list years ago, although I'm going to dust this guy off and run him as an Autarch (we already have papa psyker Eldrad). Add in my only other eldar model, the Avatar, who can fulfill the 3rd HQ slot and the detachment looks like this:

Eldar Supreme Command (899pts)

Eldrad - Smite, Doom, Guide, Fortune
Avatar of Khaine
Autarch Skyrunner - Laser lance
Wraithknight - 2x Heavy Wraithcannons, 2x Starcannons

I'll most likely pair this with an 1,100 pt Coven battalion but still finalizing those details. I'm excited to try this out, but most excited to get my Wraithknight painted up and off the to-do list! What do you think about the effectiveness of this detachment?

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