Basing Movement Trays

Tuesday, April 30, 2019

A photo journey of basing my Mini Duels movement trays to match my Dark Eldar bases.

I recently built a second squad of Wracks which I'll need for a Coven detachment, so figured while I had the base materials out might as well hit these at the same time.

Here's the basic ingredients of my base mixture:

I used Elmers clear glue to adhere the mixture to the Wrack bases and movement trays.

Then hit with some black primer -- used the cheaper Krylon paint this time and I think it worked fine (especially the part where I save $15 on a can of spray paint haha)

Doing the tray at the same time as the mini bases ensures consistency and I like how it makes it easier to see when the unit suffers casualties leaving the natural wood color under the model:

Next is some lite dry-brushing with dark, medium, then lite grey.

I do the same thing with the smaller trays, just tending toward the smaller grains given the reduced surface area.

Again, filling those slots with other 25mm models that still needed basing.

Pretty simple and straightforward but takes the trays up a notch I think. I've still got a handful of trays to do along with a couple more infantry squads. More wyches & warriors, then back to some Coven. Cheers!

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