June Hobby Projects

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Random assortment of hobby work-in-progress shots from the past month and a half.

For starters, I finally mounted the missiles and void mine to the Voidraven Bomber.

I still have to finish painting the clear canopy pieces but progress has been slow on those. Slowly but surely.

I've been cracking away at these movement trays with only 4 remaining -- I ran out of models that needed priming to cover all those slots so I used some old slotted bases:

Then lastly is this random model from Anvil 8 Games. I wasn't sure if I would go underwater / Bioshock theme with it but then Chernobyl came along and nudged me in a more nuclear direction.

I still have some detailing and need to fix the OSL effect, but for the short amount of time spent, it's been a fun little one-off project.

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