Ellie-ucia Vhane

Friday, July 12, 2019

My daughter, Ellie, recently celebrated another birthday and here's some progress shots of one of her gifts, Elucia Vhane, the start of her very own Kill Team ­čśÄ

Ellie had shown interest in the Starstriders team from the Rogue Trader box so I earmarked these early on to paint up for her and had hoped to have the entire team done by her birthday, but real life has been throwing wrenches lately so I'm a bit behind on everything. But this model is helping me get back in the hobby groove so hopefully I can knock out the rest of the crew over the next couple weeks. I still have minor details to do on Elucia, like eyes, leather straps, and some base elements, but so far has been a really fun model to work on! Very different from my other painting projects and a welcome change of pace. I'm diggin' the color combo between the purple dress and plume, and have spent most of the time on those feathers.

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