NOVA 2019 Prep

Thursday, August 29, 2019

NOVA 2019 is upon us! Here's a quick catch-up on some hobby progress and my last minute preparations before I make my way to the event.

So it's been a little while. I've been all over the place on the hobby spectrum this summer; painting random models from a variety of factions & game systems, some new scratch-built terrain projects, and playing a bunch of Magic in between...

My kids recently switched from collecting Pokemon to Magic cards (which I barely had any involvement with haha ­čśë) and it's been a lot of fun returning to the timeless classic that is MTG. Even my wife has gotten pulled in and I look forward to the family tournaments once all six of us are throwing down!

A friend needed a computer fan so I tore into my old tower to harvest a couple spare ones and noticed some additional parts I could make use of in terrain projects -- LEDs and some metal panels that will make nice platforms, walkways, or barrier walls.

I'm so glad NOVA is here, been really looking forward to it! In terms of what I need to finish, it's not too much as I'm only playing Kill Team this time and I'm pretty sure I have my final command roster locked in... lol. I just have some small painting details to finish on some wracks and a grotesque. Should have them knocked out before bed.

I'll be heading down tomorrow to hang out, check out games/vendors, play a pick-up game, etc. Then I'll be around Saturday with my family as my wife is playing in the Catan US Qualifier (Go Meg!!). My Kill Team pod is on Sunday so I'll be around to see the con wind down. If you're there come say hi. Good luck everyone and see you soon!

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