Friday, September 7, 2018

I was blown away by my SuperNOVA bag and wanted to quickly share what all you get in one.

This is my second year attending with a SuperNOVA pass / bundle, which only matters because the more years you return with a SuperNOVA pass, the greater the selection of KR Multicase Transport bags. The value you get in one is more than worth the purchase, which I think is pretty well known at this point and why they sell out so quickly every year.

KR Multicase is my preferred transport system, especially for spikey armies like Dark Eldar, and I couldn't be happier with my new Kaiser2 bag.

And it can easily hold all this awesome SWAG!

Also not shown, an awesome event beer stein (also my downfall Fri night)
You get so much hobby & gaming goodness in these and they get better every year. I'm particularly fond of the following:

Sweet 3D printed terrain by Epic Quest Master! Will go nicely with the other terrain I'm building for Kill Team.

I'm surprised by how much I like this Tablewar dice bag haha. But I really do. High quality materials, draw string actually works, and it's soft and makes you want to roll more dice!

Also a big fan of these movement trays by Mini Duels:

Definitely going to look into more of those movement trays, like the 25mm, 2" apart straight line; stuff like this really helps move the game along and makes it clear where screens/bubble wrap are on the table. Anyway, great haul of stuff! Event recaps are up next.

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