Neglected Model September Challenge

Monday, September 17, 2018

With this dusty Voidraven Bomber, I'm entering the September Neglected Model community painting challenge.

I very recently came across Azazel's Bitz Box, by way of WestRider's blog (thank you!), and despite the late start decided to use this opportunity to try and finish off some long neglected models in my display case. First up, and most deserving, is my Voidraven -- primed over 2 years ago to sit and collect dust, cat hair, and cobwebs...

Right, definitely have to remedy that. And NOVA has me jazzed about 40k again so I'm going to need this guy to be ready for some gaming, and to properly show how sweet this model is/can be and not the dusty shameful mess it has been for years on my shelf. Thankfully I didn't lose all the missiles, guns, and void mine; I guess I thought I would magnetize those way back when the missiles functioned an entirely different way than they do now, so definitely not taking the time to do that haha. But I'm glad these things will be easier to paint before mounting. I did have to green stuff a couple gaps but nothing too crazy:

Next up, some Incubi Darkness to kick off the painting process while I begin to think about what to do with the base...

Then applying thin layers of Kabalite Green to build up the edge highlights:

I jump over to engines and gems, I think to mix things up and I was also planning to hit everything with the same wash but then ultimately went a slightly different direction.

Very much flying by the seat of my pants on this one, but so far enjoying it. I know I want more depth and color transition than my previous Dark Eldar vehicles, which were totally rush painted for a tournament :)

Next, Sybarite Green and messy dry-brushing:

At this point it was really late and I should have just called it a night as I was debating whether to do a wash at this stage or try to do some clean up before to hopefully end up with smoother transitions and less going back to fix things later... but anyway, end up applying a Biel-Tan Green shade hoping to add a little more depth to the green:

I'm hoping it'll start to take shape when I build back up the highlights, albeit more controlled this time ;)  A little under two weeks to go!

I'm still working on NOVA recaps -- work and life have been all-consuming since returning from the con, but I hope to have these finished up soon. Cheers!

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