Voidraven Bomber - Neglected Nevermore

Sunday, September 30, 2018

September has come to an end, but I don't think my work on this Voidraven Bomber has...

OK so I hit a couple snags, but you know what... it certainly looks better than it did 2 weeks ago! :)

So what happened you say... well, quite frankly I thought I had a couple more days, straight up looked at the wrong calendar on Friday (after a super week at work...) and mistakenly read the last day of the month being Tuesday. Which of course isn't the case lol. So here we are. But after realizing my mistake earlier today, I didn't feel like rushing the final steps. I tried out a couple things that ultimately didn't work out -- no biggie, and I learned a lot from working on this one.

Gemstone paint over the silver / bronze; wasn't feeling it for the flyer but I have another project it could work well on...

I still have work on the clear pieces. I tried some things out on the underside, but really need to paint the raised parts for this to flow into the rest of the model, otherwise it's a little jarring.

And still need to glue the mine and missiles. I'd also like to add something to the base.

Anyway, I'll continue to press on as I'm close. I also think I located my old lightbox so I will try to get that together for final shots when I do actually finish this thing. But I'll leave you with a couple more.

Till the next challenge!

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