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Friday, February 25, 2011

I just finished assembling this Apothecary on bike. Still have the remaining Command Squad models to mount on bikes, but this one went on without any issues. I repositioned the chainsword slightly so it would fit easier and also to look like he's about to lower it on some unfortunate bystanders on the next drive-by.

This should be a fun squad -- one of the hardest hitting that's available in the vanilla Space Marine codex. The points for a base Command squad with no upgrades seems worth it for the 'Feel no Pain' alone, but some like to load these guys up and make them a "deathstar" unit with Storm Shields and such. I'm leaning towards keeping them on the lower end of the points spectrum, but will probably have a couple plasma gunners since they'll benefit from FnP.

I haven't had as much time to paint lately but I've been touching up things here and there. Here's the Venerable dreadnought after applying the first layer of shining gold.

I'm still working on techniques for putting the finishing touches on some of my previous models. I know for some things I'm just going to have to go back after I've acquired those skills and am a bit more practiced with getting all the details. Slowly but surely.

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