NOVA Army List #1

Thursday, February 17, 2011

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Here's list 1 of 3 that I've been playing around with. The theme of this list centers around what each of the HQs provide to the army; access to Dreadnoughts as heavy support and Bikes as troops. I had already converted the Master of the Forge onto a bike, so I was bound to try this list at some point. The HQ's each go with a bike squad for added punch and survivability. Depending on the opponent/mission, either the Ironclad Dreadnought or 10 man Assualt squad will drop in the most distracting space possible while trying to avoid the ordnance blasts from my Demolisher cannons. The goal is to disrupt the opponent's ability to deal with the number of dreads and vindicators closing on them, which collectively creates a high-stress, high-armour target saturation scenario. The close combat Scouts are in the LS Storm which will hang back in reserves and hopefully steal a late game objective.

This list certainly doesn't go without its fair share of challenges -- very low model count for this points level means I need to deploy smart and utilize cover saves to stay alive. Most importantly, I need to engage the enemy on my terms, namely after they've been softened up by some shooting and in a place where I can get the charge with a heavy hitting bike squad. I'll post my results & feedback when I can get some games in.

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