WIP - Plasma Cannon Dreadnought

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I've had this model for quite some time; one of my very first Space Marine models. This guy has seen several iterations over the years; I've even (unintentionally) bled to get this model to the state you see here today:

Back before I got a Dremel (which was an awesome xmas present!) all I had was a small pack of multi-purpose hand files of various shapes. It must have taken me a good 2-3 hours over a couple of sittings to hack the metal Assault Cannon off the arm it was originally molded to. After awhile, I had a pretty good groove going with the same sawing motion, so I thought I could take my attention off what I was doing just a little and onto the TV. That's when I accidentally drove one of the sharp pointed files into the palm of my hand!

But I really wanted a Plasma Cannon equipped dreadnought and this was before they came out with a plastic version... so it was worth it ;-)

I'm also making a little progress on this Techmarine on Bike. This is another metal model I had to saw in half, in the same manner as the dreadnought, just to fit the top torso to compatible biker legs.

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