Kitbash: Flying Talos

Friday, September 11, 2020

Alpha Talos? Sergeant Talos? Talos-Prime? Drukhari distraction carnifex?

Modelling-as-intended 😉
At least in this case my MAI follows RAW, as the Talos has always had the 'FLY' Keyword, and no one can claim modelling for an in-game advantage with those big wings and tall flying stand making the model easier to draw line of sight to.

The wings are from the Crypt Flayers kit, my go-to for making Grotesques, and a great fit to match the size/scale of the talos body. A little green stuff to fill the small gap around the armpit -- I attempted to sculpt the green stuff into similar talos muscles to help the transition. Other than that, it's a standard Talos on a really tall clear flying stand (I think this one comes from a Tau kit...) but it does stand out a bit!

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