Grotesque Conversions

Friday, December 5, 2014

Here are my first 4 converted Grotesques, built just in time for a 1500 point Highlander RTT tomorrow!

I still need to add vials and some small detail bits but they are almost ready for paint.

I also put together the new Haemonculus and a Talos to go towards my Dark Artisan Formation, the only one that could fit into this particular Highlander format.

Really looking forward to this event! I was able to test my list last weekend with some success, so hopefully things go well tomorrow. I'll try to take pictures and do a quick write-up when I can. Cheers!


  1. Joe,
    Did you sub assemble the haemy? I'm painting one for a friend as was trying to figure out how I'm going to paint it, since part of the whole assembly is attached to the base....

    Grots look great btw! Nice and brutal!

    1. Thanks, Greg! For the haemy, I started by gluing the spine and the scenic bit to the base to ensure a solid foundation for the floating figure. This is my typical approach to most models, gluing the legs to the base first as it helps me determine the final pose of the model and aids in the rest of the assembly. I know your method is to paint the bases up separate from the model then attach once both are complete but that may be a little more difficult with this particular model. It's certainly still doable if you dry fit those 2 base bits and factor them in with the rest of your base design. Painting this one sub-assembled is a really good idea though, as you can see there are parts that will be difficult to reach with all the appendages attached (a fun task I now have before me in the near future, haha)

    2. Hey Joe,

      Ya what I did was kinda of hold the base bit together, and build a base around it. Then paint the base. I still have the haemy unprimed (going to do a grey primer instead of black), and still mostly on the sprue.

      But that still creates a situation where I'm trying to figure out how to finish assembling the model. Thanks for the info. It should be fun though, it's crazy detailed and I've never painted DE before. (just finished 10 scarab swarms for wednesdays post though!)

    3. I know what you mean, I went from painting Necrons to Dark Eldar as well. It's like graduating middle school and going directly into college!