Quick Catch Up

Thursday, February 15, 2018

It's been quiet but a lot has been going on. Here's what I've been building, painting, and playing lately.

I'll start with the gaming.

Started playing D&D before the holidays and it's been a lot of fun! 5th edition rules are great in my opinion. I even found some models to represent our party:

Expect to see some work on at least a couple of these in the near future. I've also got some tabletop gaming coming up -- Malign Portents global campaign kicks off tomorrow and my Stormcasts will be hitting the table. Haven't played any AoS since NOVA so really looking forward to getting back into it. I haven't painted much for my own stormhost, but have started in on my friend's Shadespire warband:

I'm also signed up for a local Blood Bowl league which kicks off this Sunday, so most of my more recent effort has gone into preparing my Orc team. It's going to be a time crunch getting everything built & painted in time but looking forward to playing them in my first league and getting to know some more local BB players!

I'll have a lot more on each of these projects (and a couple others) and hopefully some game recaps to share soon. Till next time, happy gaming!

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