Gaming: Age of Sigmar Malign Portents

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Last Thursday, I was able to participate in the kick off of the Malign Portents global campaign.

Papa Nurgle's pestilence must be powerful enough to cross realms, as my family has been plagued with sickness once again. As such I haven't had time to do a proper write-up; but thankfully Ian has been on top of it! I encourage you to check out his excellent 10 part narrative series inspired by Malign Portents and the lead up to our most recent clash in Shyish, the realm of death. You can find Ian's battle report of this malign encounter over on his blog here: The Blood Moon

Here are some pictures I took along with some thoughts on unit performance and what I'm planning for my own stormhost this year.

Ok, I really wanted to have the rest of the Vanguard units ready for this battle but that didn't happen -- these are on the short term to-do list so hopefully by the next game! I think the added ranged attacks in the form of Vanguard-Raptors with Hurricane Crossbows will go nicely with the Judicators; thinning out units with the crossbows then finishing off with the punchier shockbolt bows seems like a good combination.
Then there's the Vanguard-Palladors. I'm most excited to field these as the models are brilliant and rules-wise they unlock some game changing mobility options, not just for themselves but for Neave Blacktalon. Neave hits other Heroes hard but she needs support and can't take on the really really big stuff by herself (looking at you, Papa Nurgle!). And that's where Palladors come in. They ensure you get where you need to go for Neave to have the absolute best match-ups and be most effective.

To wrap things up, I was again impressed by Judicators and the lowly Liberators -- they tie things up and stick around longer than Retributors when equipped with shields. As I complete the units I mentioned above, I'll be swapping those with the Retributors and the Prosecutors as I don't really have enough of these models to run an appropriately sized unit, thus both have been underwhelming. The stardrake is an absolute monster and I'm going to try and not develop a habit of relying on it even tho I do love it haha. In general, I'm looking forward to playing with more basic troops and less Heroes. Till next time!

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