Late Night Heroics

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

It's the eve of NOVA and I'm still assembling models... This, my friends, is why I didn't sign up for anything beyond Blood Bowl :)

Luckily, my Blood Bowl team, the Dwarf Double-fisters, are in good shape and ready to brawl!

There's still some details I would like to address before game 1 on Friday night, and if all goes well with the remaining assembly of my Stormcast Eternals, I should have time for some more painting. I'll be heading down tomorrow evening with the family to check out the hall and hopefully catch some of the Invitational games. But the focus tonight is building the rest of my 2000 pt Warhammer list for some pick up games on Saturday. I still need to finish up 10 Judicators, 1 Knight Vexillor, and 2 Retributors... totally doable! Then I can hit them with some spray metallic in the morning so at least I'm not rocking any gray minis come game time. I'm also planning to pack some painting gear so I can get some brush work done at the con with my less intense schedule. We'll see how far I can get!

Can't wait to see everyone there! Good luck, and may your dice roll lots of 6's ;)

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