NOVA 2017 Pics

Friday, September 8, 2017

Another awesome NOVA Open! Photo dump from Capital Palette, Blood Bowl, 40k, and AoS events after the jump...

NOVA 2017 was bigger and better than ever, as I'm sure is the case every year for NOVA. It seriously never fails to impress on a number of levels, and I think this was the most fun I've had since I started attending this convention. The lighter schedule was more my pace and allowed me to actually relax, see more minis from various events, and hang out more with friends. Below is a random selection of some of my favorites that stood out over the weekend with a link to the full photo album. I'll do a separate post to recap the event I participated in as well as my 2000pt Warhammer AoS friendly battle. So, without further ado...


Here's the link to the full NOVA 2017 photo album:

My camera was a little better this time around and I took a bunch (136 not counting Blood Bowl or my AoS game) so definitely check them out! There's a lot more from the 40k & AoS GTs, as well as the Palette and other events. I'll try to get to my game recaps soon :)

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