Countdown to NOVA

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Just under a month till NOVA Open 2017, excitement is brewing!

The anticipation and lead up to a big tournament / con is great fun and one of the best motivators for finishing up lingering hobby projects. I will attempt to utilize this energy & excitement to get a few of my own projects across the finish line in time for NOVA. But I'm also excited to see what the community creates during this time as many incredible hobby feats occur on the eve of an event such as NOVA. This one especially as we are hot off the heels of a new edition of 40k and no established meta-game in sight, I'm hoping to see some truly unique and diverse armies.

Almost there... only minor details & base remain

Summer Time

I had hoped to be further along with my projects at this point but I also tend to forget how busy the summer months are -- underestimating the time it takes to keep up with the yard and house projects to keeping up with the active schedules of 3 kids. This has easily been the busiest summer I can remember but has also been a ton of fun with family trips, backyard BBQ's and slip'n slides!

NOVA Schedule

With another family trip coming up, I really only have about 3 weeks between now and NOVA to get things ready. I'm currently only registered for Blood Bowl (Darkness Fouls) which is great because I'll have a bunch of extra time in my schedule to see everything and hang out with people. I strongly considered some AoS events but I'm really not practiced enough with the game; the same is true of new 40k, although my Dark Eldar are itching for some play. It would be biting off more than I can chew if I tried to play either of these in any formal capacity with the time remaining, and I rather like the idea of a more relaxed approach this time around. That being said, I'm still planning to have my Stormcasts and Dark Eldar on hand for some pick-up games or if anyone wants to schedule a casual match of AoS / 40k during the con, drop me a line a below!

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