The Dwarf Giants & LVO

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Picked up the Dwarf Giants Blood Bowl team today and lucked out in snagging the last Dwarf block dice set from my local game store! (those dice sold out almost instantly online so really happy I found some)

I've been really looking forward to this release. Ever since I started playing the video game I've had most success playing a Dwarf team over several of the others -- Humans, Orks, Lizardmen, and Dark Elves so far. While they are the slowest movement-wise, they start with a few clutch skills that most other teams will need to (and do) spend Star Player Points (SPP) for. I'm also really digging the sculpts for this team and looking forward to working on them tomorrow during the Super Bowl.

I've also been enjoying watching the live streams from the Las Vegas Open happening this weekend. Some really great games so far with the final top 8 showdown yet to come tomorrow. Truth be told I'm actually more excited about watching this than the actual Super Bowl this year ;)

Frontline and GW are both streaming games and you can get all the information and links to tune in here:

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