Blood Bowl: Orc Team WIP

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Here's my test model for the Orc team (name TBD).

I originally was going to go a different direction with the colors -- many years ago before kids I participated in a weekly RPG... I forget what we called the game but it was a sci-fi homebrew concocted by one of our more creative and enterprising friends. I can't remember if the idea grew out of the RPG's universe or what but we started kicking around this idea of Red Orks (and yes meaning Orks, with a 'k', that aren't green skinned). I realize this idea may be inconceivable for some but for the record, none of us were proper Ork players and yes Red Orks do move faster than green ones :)

Anyway, we had all this great backstory and fluff about their altered genetics and sequence of events that led to this new breed of Ork. I'll try to dig up more of the details as it was fun stuff and I know I still have 20-30 red skinned Orks packed away somewhere. I thought about drawing inspiration from the old Red Ork project for my new Blood Bowl Orcs but ultimately decided on a more traditional scheme as I've got plenty of red to paint with my Khorne Warband on the horizon.

After deciding on the green skin, I knew I wanted purple as a predominate color for the armor so I started testing out various shades trying to come up with a quick and easy recipe. My first couple iterations were neither quick nor easy but I finally got it down to a base layer of Genestealer Purple (left Blitzer) with heavy washes of Leviathan Purple (right Blitzer). Doesn't get any easier than that! It's not perfect but it's quick and that's what I'm going for with the Orc team.

I've also started work on the Dwarf team and will have more to share on them tomorrow! (sneak peak in the background)

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