Blood Bowl: Human Team WIP

Monday, January 23, 2017

Some progress was made and some games were played!

I dedicated a couple of paint sessions to the 6 linemen and still have a final highlight to do on the armor.

But then decided to rush the final 4 players so I could quickly base them and have a more proper looking team on the field alongside my friend's beautiful Skaven team.

Nick's team looked awesome and proved to be the final motivating push I needed to get the 11 players to a 3 paint minimum tabletop standard in time for our games. Both extremely close matches with fickle dice narrowly favoring my Gryffindors (after seeing the whole team together they sorta look like old world '49ers...)

Great games indeed! I'm going to put the finishing touches on the Humans while I prep and glue the Orcs... and consider kit-bashing a Dark Elf team while I wait for Dwarfs :)

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