End of an Era

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Again we find ourselves at the dawn of a new edition although I don't think anybody expected it to come this quickly.

When I first heard the rumors over 6 months ago I immediately dismissed them thinking there was no way the core rules would be redone less than 2 years after 6th edition. It would be unprecedented, sorta like codex releases have been throughout 6th. For better or worse GW has shown they can crank content out at an alarming pace - way faster than most of our wallets can keep pace with let alone time to process how each new release fits into and reshapes the game.

I was really trying to get a last game of 6th in before the new book dropped but that obviously isn't going to happen now. And to be honest, I'm pretty OK with that. I had some good times with 6th, much like I enjoyed the 3 editions that came before it, but the game is definitely in need of some changes. I don't even need to go into all the reasons why but I think the biggest indicator is in the same edition that introduced allies and seemingly endless combinations of armies we have more and more people playing the same armies and even the same lists. There's always been a gravitation to the latest and greatest power build (and always will be) but I think this reached a new height in 6th edition and it certainly didn't add to anyone's enjoyment. Several of my games where the opponent was sporting a nasty Eldar/Tau list they flat out said they didn't even enjoy playing it (I distinctly recall a couple FMC Daemons players with similar feelings). The power curve went a little beyond crazy this edition and nothing against those players who happen to collect those armies as I totally understand it not being fun for them either to rarely go up against a list that can compete or challenge their army without it being a mirror match.

So here's hoping 7th can re-balance things to a better point than where they are now. Bring armies a little more in line with each other so we can see some variety on the table top again. It'll never be perfect but it can be better. In 12 hours I'll hopefully be picking up a copy of the new rules and diving in to see what changes are in store for 7th edition. It should be a fun ride!


  1. I gotta say that I just love people saying that they don't really enjoy playing a particular list... then playing it anyway. What they're really saying is "I don't want you to think I'm a total DB, I just really want to win"

    1. I'll second that! Who's holding a gun to your head and making you play that list? Why are you playing a game you don't enjoy?
      My suggestion for those folks would be to find a new reason for playing the game. Perhaps winning shouldn't be the most important thing.

    2. Completely agree! I'm sure rules exploitation had nothing to do with their inclusion of that 4th Riptide ;)