7th Edition Webway Portals?

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

7th edition first round FAQs are up and there are some interesting changes (omissions)...

Namely in the Dark Eldar, Grey Knight, and Space Wolves FAQs. I'm still going through them but the big one that stood out for Dark Eldar was the removal of Webway Portal restrictions -- the one stating that allies could not use them. This change is consistent with the new rule that allows Battle Brothers to use each other's transports. This may actually make the WWP useful again!

Dark Eldar Shadowseer's now follow the same rules as Eldar, making them the first official 'psyker' for the dark kin.

I'm glad GW was quick in releasing FAQs like they were with 6th. Hopefully they'll be quick to address the issues/questions submitted by the community for 7th.

What interesting changes have you spotted?


  1. Nice spot on the webway. I totally missed that!

    1. Yeah this will definitely open up some interesting tactics for Eldar. I can think of several units that could make use of walking on from midfield.

    2. As soon as i saw this change I wrote a list and have been tweaking it for about 3 weeks or so now. Its SUPER powerful having 2 wraithlords and an avatar come on the board 12-15 inches outside your deployment zone along with some wyches. haha