Unpacking & Unboxing

Monday, April 28, 2014

Whew, what a month! No more trips to the apartment after work anymore, we're officially all moved in. Now I can just focus on getting the house set up (and keeping up with yard work, and putting in a garden, and...) but seriously, after being cramped in a tiny apartment for the past few years I don't mind having to do that kind of work at all. As things settle in I'll have more time to get back into my unfinished projects and start a couple new ones, like this Imperial Knight:

The detail of this kit is amazing. Now I just need to find a paint scheme that will work with the rest of my armies.

I picked this guy up at my new local game shop. Now that I'm further out in the country I doubt I'll be playing much at my previous venues except for the occasional special event, but I'm excited about trying out some new stores.

Time to get my hobby area set up and back to work. Cheers!

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