Necron Reinforcements & Gaming

Sunday, July 7, 2013

It's been a good month; some much needed vacation with the family, more hobby progress on my Dark Eldar (and some Necrons), and the most games I've played in a long time.

The Dark Eldar are coming along, slowly but surely. I was in between a couple of paint schemes and finally made a decision. I was even able to get a couple small practice games in with my awesome wife who agreed to play some 40k for Father's day :)

Then last weekend was the NOVA's Charity Cook Out RTT. It was a lot of fun, and while I really wanted to play DE they were no where near ready and for a fun event like this I really wanted to push around a fully painted army. So I set about repairing and touching up some damaged models from my Necron army -- the cat knocked some things off the bookshelf, the little daemon spawn...

I also needed to finish up some royal court members, the quickest way to bring my force up to the 1850pt limit. I crafted the Despair Cryptek's Abyssal staff from some drop pod harness bits, and then the Lord was pieced together from Immortal legs, a Destroyer torso, a spare Immotek's gauntlet of fire arm, and then a Lychguard/Praetorian right arm hacked up to look like a Res Orb:

I do like the look of this army, but it would take a lot of new purchases to make it into a "tournament ready" list: more troops all around, more barges, wraiths, scythes, or even some arks. I mostly just miss the lack of mobility when I play this army, but I may address that at some point further down the road.

Some takeaways from the RTT: Jaws of the World Wolf is complete and utter crap and you should feel embarrassed for employing such a cheese-tastic power ;)

EDIT: Ok, I was a little harsh because I lost over 400pts to my opponent's turn 1 drop, including Imotekh, and when I asked about Reanimation Protocols for the models that failed their initiative tests, was promptly told that I could not take RP against JotWW -- this is 100% incorrect, and half of those models would have stood back up (I had Res Orbs in every squad; and Imotekh even had access to a chronometron re-roll, so more than likely would have been fine)... this is ultimately my fault for not knowing this was directly addressed in the latest Rulebook FAQ (pg 4, right-hand side), and even though I was suspicious of my opponent's logic as to why I could not roll for RP, there were a couple bystanders who backed him regarding this decision, so I trust he and the spectators honestly didn't know they were playing it wrong. Just wanted to call this out so others are aware and don't get taken by this over-the-top psychic power. FYI: 'removed from play' = "removed as a casualty". As they say, knowing is half the battle!

The new Eldar are brutal, specifically Warlock/Seer councils on bikes. I couldn't do anything to this unit all game, and given another turn or two I would have been tabled. It's an expensive death star, but when they roll up good powers... good luck! I didn't stand a chance, at least not with my list.

At the end of the day, it was a nice laid back event for a good cause and all my opponents were a lot of fun to play against. There were some big name players in attendance, no doubt, so it was nice getting a chance to see what their 1850 lists look like a couple months out from NOVA. I had a great time and feel even more motivated to get the rest of my DE painted up and ready to throw down. I'll leave you with some pictures from the day:


  1. I've seen that 1k sons list on BOLS, didn't know he was local! Man, I can't wait for NOVA lol.

    1. Hell yeah! Half the fun of an event like NOVA is simply walking around the great hall checking out all the amazing armies in attendance.