Fun Times

Saturday, March 30, 2013

It's been a good birthday week; it began with a snowy surprise and included a lot of good food...

And of course pleanty of good drinks!

I was also able to get more work done on my Dark Eldar. Finished a few more kits and started on some new projects.

One of those projects is a large beast pack, beginning with Khymeras. I have several of the original models, but to get a large squad with the official sculpts is cost prohibitive. So I looked for some alternatives and settled on a box of Wargs from the Lord of the Rings.

You get six bases for the cost of one (well maybe two with the switch to the double finecast pack). The bodies are slightly thicker and of course there is fur, but my plan is to run them through some liquid green stuff and see if I can sculpt some filleted flesh and bone to match the others. For claws, I have some Slaanesh bits that I think will do the trick.

These will require a lot more work but I'm hoping it will pay off in the end. I already have a few lists that include 10 of these, so I'm looking forward to having them table ready.

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