Dark Eldar: Arriving in Realspace

Friday, March 22, 2013

After far too many months (read: years) my Dark Eldar have finally made the transition from sprue to realspace! This past month, my family has been epicly sick, but somewhere during that time of suffering I was able to put together 75% of my Dark Eldar kits -- easily enough to start trying out several lists I've been kicking around for them (and how fitting that this truly evil army was borne during such a terrible time). I can only hope that they bring that same amount of pain down on my opponents... I kid ;)

But seriously, these kits are simply amazing! Most have been a breeze to assemble and the sheer number of ways you can configure pretty much everything is staggering. The Talos and Ravager kits especially are treasure troves of some absolutely killer bits (literally). Looking at the extras, I have so many conversion ideas for my other armies; I really wish I had opened these sooner.

It feels good to finally be able to field this army. Next up I need to get some paint on these models as they look far too good to be played only with primer.

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