Eldar Rumors

Monday, March 25, 2013

UPDATE: Since Faeit has unfortunately been shut down, try 3++ for the most recent Eldar news.

Everyone likes a good rumor, but these have me especially interested. Eldar are one of the most iconic armies in all of 40k and their imagery (along with the old Catachan jungle fighters) is partly responsible for sucking me in to this sci-fi universe way back when I was an impressionable middle-schooler :)

This is one of the first images I can recall seeing before I knew anything about Warhammer 40k, but one that got me interested and asking questions.

It's an army that has always been on the "would like to have one" list. 6th edition allies have made that proposition even better as I can start small with just a detachment for my Dark Eldar and begin using them right away as I collect them. These rumors have me thinking beyond a mere allied detachment and even if only half of them pan out, I can easily see them being my next longterm project. We'll just have to wait and see what new things come out for Eldar in the next few months.

For now, these rumors are having an impact on what I plan to purchase in the near future. I have been thinking about various allies for a little while now and thought I had made a decision about a couple detachments, namely Orks and Chaos Daemons. The Daemons are definitely on hold until I can spend more time with the new codex; the initial spark of interest in them just isn't there anymore. As for Orks, I have a decent start for this collection with several AoBR sets lying around, but to make them playable I'll need to invest in some additional units -- specifically, Lootas. Lootas with Deffguns are pretty amazing; imagine 15 orks with these guns, a potential to shoot 45 S7 AP4 shots up to 48" a turn, all for 225pts. Some have called this the best anti-flyer unit in the game without investing in a bunch of flyers yourself. While I'm not sure if it's "the best", it's really hard to argue with those stats. I think at this point I'm going to try to proxy them first to see how they do before I start planning around unholy alliances...

Plus now I'm inclined to save all my moneys for these new space elves; they sound like they are going to be awesome! Personally, I'm really hoping they expand on possible synergies with the Dark Eldar, like allowing both armies to use those new Webway Gates, etc.


  1. Hey Joe...I saw recently that you were dismantling the Raven Guard...I had a sad face. However, if you'd move some of the bikes for some eldar we may be able to make a deal.

    Could be win-win...hit me up in you are interested. -RobO

  2. Saw your answer in the other thread...not trying for the hard sell, just saw this first. :)

    1. No worries! There may come a day when I decide to unload the bikes, and if so, you'll have the first stab at striking a deal ;)

      I'm mostly interested in what the new sculpts for Eldar will look like. I hope they get the Dark Eldar treatment -- their old stuff was mostly terrible but the new range is fantastic, and Eldar deserve a sleek new facelift for their models as well.