Deep Striking Land Speeder Squadrons ?

Sunday, January 13, 2013

I have a host of various hobby projects on my table at the moment and one of them includes a number of Land Speeders. I'll dive into the details of this project when it is a little further along, but for now I wanted to raise a question about employing the use of Deep Strike as it pertains to a Land Speeder Squadron (more than 1 speeder taken as a single unit). I may have simply overlooked the governing rule, but when a Land Speeder Squadron arrives via Deep Strike (rules on pg. 36) how do you place subsequent speeder models after the position of the first has been determined? Does the flying base of the 2nd & 3rd models need to touch the flying base of the 1st model, or do they simply need to maintain unit coherency, which for vehicle squadrons is 4" (rules on pg. 77) ?

My confusion arises because of the Skimmer rules (pg. 83) where it states that the base of a Skimmer is effectively ignored, except for when being charged or rammed.

I couldn't find anywhere in the rulebook or online that specifically deals with this scenario and how it should be handled. If you could point me to the relevant rules or let me know how you handle the placement of multiple speeders in a squadron arriving from Deep Strike I'd really appreciate it. It isn't a huge deal, but I'm intrigued by taking a squadron with Heavy Flamers and Multimeltas which benefit greatly from being able to drop precisely where they are needed and can do the most damage. I just want to make sure I'm playing it correctly when I do. What are your thoughts on this particular tactic?


  1. Hmmm...great question. I'd assume using the base. Not so much because the rules say so pertaining to skimmers, but from the perspective that a precedent has been set that there are specific incidences when they are used.

    That said, I will be looking at this because the bikes are back in the running with the release of the new DA codex. (Also assuming their speeders are allowed to ds finally.)

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. I agree with your sound reasoning regarding the bases, I'll just have to be careful having them bunched up in range of an ordnance weapon the turn they drop (although you can always choose to move them flat out at the expense of shooting).

      I too am interested to see what the DA can do with a bike list. It looks like their speeders can finally deep stirke.