Happy New Year!

Monday, December 31, 2012

2012, what a year. It went by so fast! Each year seems to pass more quickly than the last (a sign I'm getting old). Anyway, there were a lot of things I planned to do but never got around to doing this past year. I really don't mind though considering the things I did accomplish that I wasn't planning on; painting a Necron army and losing almost 30 pounds (I'm American, not British, so that's a little better than it sounds haha).

I know I made some hobby goals / resolutions last year, but I'm not going to do that this year. I have a lot of things I'd like to do in 2013, but most of them aren't hobby related at all. As far as 40k is concerned, I'd like to make some real progress with my Dark Eldar, and like everyone else, play more games. But we'll see how things go. The real life goals take priority, and while this blog isn't about those things, I'll certainly share some of the milestones as they are achieved this year. Right now is about focusing on what's important; and whatever that is for you, I wish you the best in 2013! Cheers!

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