Dark Eldar FAQ v1.2

Thursday, January 17, 2013

By now, I'm sure most of you have read the new FAQs (version 1.2) that were released this week. If you have and were interested in the changes to Dark Eldar like I was, then you too had your high hopes crushed. If you haven't read it, then maybe this will save you some time.

Why were my hopes high, you ask? Well, not all armies received updates (IG, SoB, SM). But when I saw that Dark Eldar had indeed been updated with the filename "v1.2 JANUARY13.pdf" I began to get excited about all the things they may have fixed.

Sadly, it would have been better had they not "updated" it at all (then I wouldn't have expected anything). Anyway, all that was changed in this version was the following Q & A was removed:

Q: A void mine is used in the Movement phase. How does this effect
what weapons can be fired by the Voidraven Bomber in the Shooting
phase? (p47)
A: The void mine does not count towards the number of
weapons a Voidraven Bomber can fire that turn.

Rats! Well, we aren't special anymore guys. Before it was possible to drop the mine and still fire 4 weapons. This isn't really a big deal and I expected them to take this out with the last FAQ to bring it in line with the 6th edition bomber rules, but I guess this was an oversight. The silver lining in all of this is they were actually thinking about the Voidraven, perhaps because a model is coming soon...

I hope the rumors are true and that this model looks just as awesome as the rest of the new Dark Eldar lineup (minus the grotesques... they are hideous).

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