Necrons 1750 Tournament List

Friday, September 28, 2012

Tomorrow is the mini Blob's park 1750pt tournament at Dropzone Games! Here is my list:

Click to enlarge
I should have taken some full army shots while there was sunlight, but alas. I'll take some tomorrow at the event. In the meantime, here's a few pictures of the finished list.

Anti-air? Check.

The close combat beasties:

T-minus 12 hours till round 1!


  1. Good luck. I love the photos with the lightbox, they really show off your painting nicely.

    1. Thanks John! The tournament was a lot of fun, I'll have to do some write-ups this week. And snap some more shots of the remaining units in the lightbox ;)

  2. Why don´t you have a unit of scarabs in the army when you have thre spyders? You do know that you can only raise scarabs to an existing unit, not create a new one? Or am I the one thats wrong?

    1. I have a unit of scarabs, 4th from the bottom

      In my 2k list, I take two units. Spyders would be wayyyy too good if they could poop them out of thin air, haha ;)