Necrons, 90% Done

Thursday, September 20, 2012

The decision has been made. My next tournament (next Saturday) I'll be running a Necron list. Now, before you loyalist/Shrike/Khan/Biker enthusiasts get all upset, no, it will not be a scythe spam, AV13 spam, Wraith wing spam, or Scarab farm spam list. It may, in fact, be the least optimized Necron list this side of 6th edition (hell, I even have a C'tan in there) -- but you know what, it's nearly all the Necron models I own and I'm very excited to have it almost fully painted!

Excuse the poor phone photos, I'm saving the good camera for the final product.

A handful of bases, washes, and highlights remain. I do love the motivation that an upcoming event can bring -- each day I get a little closer to finishing my second army. I'm a few painting sessions away; stay tuned for end results and the 1750pt list.


  1. I'm super excited to play next weekend, it'll be my first tournament (probably good to start small) and most likely my first time playing with the claws fully painted.

    1. Absolutely, it should be a great time! I'm looking forward to seeing your painted up Astral Claws.

    2. I really think the snow bases and blue fuel rods ect go together, gives the whole army a cold and inhuman feel to it. Good luck in the tournament!

    3. Thanks Snake! I'll try to take pictures throughout and do some post game write-ups this time.