Mini Blob's Tournament Recap

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Last weekend was the "mini" Blob's Park tournament at Dropzone Games (the official Blob's Park event will take place next spring and is supposed to be bigger and better than ever). Anyway, this tournament had a really good turnout and was 3 rounds at 1750pts. I had a great time and it seemed like everyone else did too! It felt really good to throw down with a fully painted list -- in a lot of ways, it didn't even matter how my games turned out; I just really enjoyed seeing these models in action after all the work that went into them.

Even still, the army performed well and with a few small tweaks and a little more practice, could do very well. Here's a brief run down on each of my games.

Round 1 was against a Pedro Kantor list with a couple of drop pods full of sternguard, a couple of vindi's, a stormtalon and a few other things. The mission/goal was to score a touchdown -- there was one objective placed in the center of the board and the goal was to capture it and run it into the opponent's deployment zone.

I seized with Immotekh's 4+, moved everything up then proceeded to strip a couple hull points with lightning. On my opponent's turn, he dropped a squad on top of the objective for an early grab then shot everything else at my wraiths, earning him first blood (although secondary objectives were not being used during the tournament).

My scarabs charge into the fortification to engage Pedro's unit that holds the objective, and holds them there for a couple turns waiting for reinforcements. Scarabs aren't nearly as effective against infantry as they are against armor, but I suppose they did alright as a tarpit considering they were the only fast unit I had left. The fail of the match goes to my Overlord (but ultimately to myself) for 1) not rolling a single hit against Pedro in the first challenge phase; 2) forgetting to use Mindshackle Scarabs; and then 3) forgetting that I had a Chronometron attached to the unit and could have rerolled the failed leadership check when I lost combat :(

As you can imagine, that was the turning point of the match. He continues to shoot up my left flank, eliminating the Spyders next. While I managed to regroup, I forgot that I can't launch an assault the same turn I regroup (what can I say, I'm used to playing marines) so I didn't put myself in the best position to recover and do some damage back. I should also point out that my Immortals were truly that... I was rolling extremely above average for my Reanimation Protocols. The Res orbs on my 2 lords and overlord were absolutely worth the points.

We make it through turn 4 when time is called. Minor defeat for me as my opponent controls the objective (football) but didn't make it into my deployment zone.

Round 2 I was up against a heavily mechanized Lamentors list; 11 tanks!

This mission was crazy! 9 objectives that formed a tic tac toe board with the goal to control more than your opponent; a major victory if you control more AND have 3 objectives in a row. My list was severely lacking in a game like this with only 3 total units that can capture objectives, so I had to be careful with my troops. Things started out great with Immotekh's lightning taking out 4 tanks and stripping a couple hull points off some other tanks. I send my wraiths and C'tan out to disrupt his line while my 3 troops secure the 3 objectives on the closer short side of the table.

We bang each other up for a couple more rounds...

Then something terrible happens...

What you're looking at here in this picture above is where my most expensive unit used to be standing, and the pitiful leadership roll of 9 that sent Immotekh, my Overlord, Harbinger of Eternity, and 8 man gauss Immortal squad running off the board at the hands of a 'Fear the Darkness' psychic attack (so they were LD -2). And yes, I again forget to reroll with my Chronometron...

That was pretty much it for game 2; I was down to 2 troops remaining that could capture and couldn't get to his objectives in time to contest. I did kill a lot more of his army than I thought I would, but a good portion of that was due to Immotekh's lightning; some games he more than pays for himself with that alone.

By the 3rd game, I was determined to not forget about the Chronometron. Round 3 was against a Blood Angels list with 2 Storm Ravens, a couple of Baal predators and some assault squads.

I was a little concerned about the Ravens.

So I had to make short work of the rest of his army that was deployed. By the time they showed up, I had put the hurt on everything except for one squad of jumpers.

My quad gun stuns 1 of the Ravens while my Annihilation barge takes care of clean up. These things are SO good for 90 pts. I even forgot to roll for Tesla Arcs the entire day and I still thought their damage output was amazing.

When time was called I had just taken over the 3rd and final objective while only 3 BA tactical marines survived. Unfortunately, they were able to run into range to engage me and contest the center objective, downgrading the victory from a major to a minor. Even still, I scored more battle/victory points in this 3rd game than I did in the first rounds combined!

Again, I had a great time and all my opponents were stand up guys! I can't wait for the real Blob's Park event, and by then I should be able to make a few small adjustments to this list. But I'll get into all of that later, this post is already long enough ;)

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