Battle Report: Necrons vs Tau

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Last night I finally made my way down to the new Battle Bunker in Bowie for a 1000pt game against John's Tau. It was my first time playing with the new Necrons. The hardest part was coming up with a 1000pt list. I actually haven't played a game at this low a point level since returning to 40k a couple years ago. But after much deliberation, my list looked like this:

Overlord w/ Command barge Warscythe; Mindshackle scarabs 195
Court x1 Harbinger of Destruction w/ solar pulse                         55

Warriors x5                                                                                  65
Warriors x5                                                                                  65
Immortals x5                                                                                85

Wraiths x4 Whip coils x3; Particle caster x1                               175
Scarabs x6                                                                                    90
Destroyers x2 Heavy gauss cannon x2                                        120

Spyders x3                                                                                  150

We rolled up Dawn of War deployment and a Seize Ground mission with 4 objectives. John won the roll off and elected to go second, so I deployed my Overlord and two Warrior squads on the two objectives in my half, with the rest of my force walking & running on turn 1. John didn't deploy anything and put his Fire Warriors and Kroot into reserves.

Turn 2 I press the Scarabs, Wraiths, and Command barge forward.

John shoots a lot of missiles and downs 5 Scarab bases and puts a wound on a Wraith.

The Fire warriors and Kroot come on for John's turn 2, also when I drop the Solar pulse.

Turn 3, my Barge swipes his commander with battle suit squad; the wraiths assault the Pathfinders, and the scarabs take on a squad suits, which end up running off the board.

John's Kroot and Fire warriors close in on an objective.

By turn 4, the store is close to closing and the Tau right flank was starting to fall. But John's Fire warriors were able to kill my Destroyers and the Kroot dispelled the warriors, to claim the Tau's first objective.

But it was too late to take away the two objectives I had been sitting on since turn 1.

Overall, I really like the way Necrons played. The Scarab / Spyder combo is excellent, and so are the Wraiths. I wasn't as impressed with the Heavy Destroyers, so I'm thinking I'll free that spot for more Scarabs or Wraiths. I'm also tempted to pick up a second Command Barge, as those have a lot to offer. I think the next game will be 1500 - 2000 pts so I'll get to try out a C'tan and probably the Stormlord. As far as the first game with Necrons, I'm impressed and can't wait to try out more lists.

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