WIP Canoptek Wraiths

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Work has been crazy lately and hasn't left me with much hobby time the past few weeks. But I've tried to make some progress on the Necrons here and there whenever the opportunity presents itself. I've pressed some more scarabs, added some detail to my first warrior squad, and started to work on filling out my wraith squad. I grew impatient waiting for GW's Necron wave 2, so I began to look on ebay and other places to add to my lone metal wraith. Ebay proved to be scarce with the OOP model (which makes sense considering how awesome the unit is with the new codex and the fact that the original model looks great) and if you are able to find one, it'll cost you a pretty penny. Then I began searching for alternatives or ways to build my own, and came across a post on Terminus Est last month that pointed me to PuppetsWar: Cyber Arthropod Squad. My order arrived last week and I'm not finished assembling them yet, but I have to say I'm quite impressed with the models!

You can view some completed shots of the models from Black Blow Fly's review or the PuppetsWar link above.

Instead of using the head from the kit, I decided to use 3 Immortal heads since they look similar to the original. But first I had to bulk up the Immortal heads since they are a tad smaller than the original wraith face. I simply added some green stuff under the chin:

I think they turned out alright so far. I may try smoothing them out with some liquid green stuff when I get some time.

I still need to take some pictures of the new warrior squad I painted up a couple weeks back. I found a way to make the blue rod stand out a bit more, I just need to find the right lighting to help convey the effect in a picture. Anyway, I'll try to get some more stuff posted this weekend as I plan on dedicating a decent amount of time to finishing some of these things off (as I eagerly await some coverage of Adepticon so those of us who couldn't make it can live vicariously through the interwebs). Maybe next year I can make it out to the windy city to attend one of the premier 40k events in the world... Till then, color me jealous ;)


  1. Nice looking stand in for wraiths and the base of the tail looks easier to attach than the GW ones on eBay if the peg is snapped off.

    1. They go together much easier than the old metal ones (the one you see in the first picture had to be repaired at the base with a pin). Also, I forgot to mention that you get 3 of these guys for the price of 1 metal wraith; with all the extra bits you get and the quality of the cast, this squad is a steal! Shipping wasn't bad either -- less than a week and a half to get from Poland to the states.