Walden is to Thoreau as 40k is to Paul

Friday, May 11, 2012

This is a pretty interesting project:

Make sure to check out the video, especially the end:

I think it's a noble endeavor. And lucky for Paul, he's picked up a more than adequate replacement for Starcraft, haha. I could never embark on something like this because Web Administration is one of my primary jobs, but I know I'm not the only IT guy who enjoys 40k, not just because it is awesome (which it is), but because it is time spent "unplugged", away from all the ubiquitous internet-enabled distractions that are so prevalent today. Sure, even 40k as a community has benefitted from the utility of the internet (hell, even I blog about it) but there's something refreshing about the time spent away from all of that, painting/assembling/creating something with your own two hands, something that is unique to you and your personality. Not to mention the real-life interaction that is required to play against real people when fielding your unique creation on the tabletop. It's a big part of what keeps bringing me back and keeping me involved after 13+ years of wargaming, and also why I think it's totally feasible for Paul to make it the full year and reach his goal -- I just expect to see a decent sized, fully painted army by the end ;)

I know you wont be reading this till 2013 at the earliest, but good luck, Paul!

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