Let Merriment Abound

Monday, September 19, 2011

One of my favorite things to attend each year is the Renaissance Festival. For me, it marks the transition from summer into fall and it's always a good time! We ended up making it out yesterday for the first time this season; we'll hopefully get out there again but things are starting to get down to the wire with the birth of our first born fast approaching :)

Here's some pictures from the faire and quick shot of the new bike models at the end:

The weather was perfect.

Good people.

Good food.

Good beer.

Cool weapons.

Good sport. And of course...


And for a quick gaming related update, here's a WIP shot of my new counts-as Khan model and one of the new command squad vets w/ dual lightning claws:

More on these guys to come.


  1. Hey, thank you for this post! My anniversary is next week and I'd been trying to think of something cool for Anna and I to do. We haven't been to the Ren Fest in quite some time; I had actually pretty much forgotten about it. Thanks for reminding me! ^_^

  2. No problem, Alex! And Happy Anniversary!

    See you this saturday :)