Battle at Blob's Park

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I just registered for my next tournament, the Battle at Blob's Park, which takes place in just 2 weeks. I'm making some changes to my 2000 pt list based on my games at Nova. My next box of bikes arrived today and my Thunderfire Cannon should get here on Monday. In my next few games, I'd like to try out a few new units I've never used before and see how they perform with the rest of the army on bikes. I needed a few more to reach 2 full sized bike squads and I also wanted a few to try different weapon load outs in the command squad, so it's back to building more bikes. Haven't decided exactly on how to equip the new command squad, but with Khan leading them, I'm leaning towards lightning claws and storm shields. Luckily, I remembered to check the Nova swag bag and found a sample of magnets that will be perfect to incorporate into these next models in case I need to change things up down the road.

I also picked up some supplies this week to start on a display board for my Raven Guard. I'll definitely take some shots of this project along the way -- not sure it'll be finished in the next two weeks as I've already got a healthy list of to-do's, but we'll see what I can get done in that time


  1. The champion is a good buy for 15 points. That WS 5 and power weapon is statistically better then a lightning claw.

    I currently run two fists, one claw, and a champ with 2x shields and 2x melta guns and it works out fine for me. 3 shields would be ideal but they usually die to dumb shit anyways like running over rocks.

  2. Yeah, the tri-plasma gun command squad did alright, but when Khan rides with them they should really be more assault oriented. Especially since I'm planning on running a Chaplain with them.

    I'll let you know what I end up with, but for now I'm ripping some claws off my old Shrike's Wing models ;)