Blob's Park Highlights

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Battle at Blob's Park tournament has come and gone. It was a great event and I had a really good time! The venue was cool, the food and beer were really affordable, and more importantly the competition was high with some really awesome looking armies and great opponents. On top of all of that, the prizes that were awarded at the end were unbelievable -- we're talking almost entire armies for 1st and 2nd place overall. If only my army had performed better, I would have loved to take home all those new Dark Eldars... Anyway, it was a long but fun day and I definitely plan on writing up my thoughts on each game; I tried to get at least a few pictures from each round. But I'm tired, so for now I'll leave you with a few shots from walking around before the tournament started.

Here's some of the armies that were present:

My buddy Alex's awesome Crimson Fists

The terrain was some serious business... I don't even have one of these in my army yet

Nice freehand work

Some fantasy

Eric's army from over at the White Scar's blog

Incredible looking Imperial Fists army

Last and probably least, here's my army:

The Inner Circle gaming group put on an awesome event and fun was had by all. I've got a lot more pictures to share and 4 more battle reports to discuss so stay tuned.


  1. I look forward to seeing the battle report from Round One. Man that guy was a jerk! :)

    That was a great game and very close, way to scrap it out.


  2. Nice photos, I see a few armies I recognize there. Hopefully I can make the next one. See you later!

  3. @Rob Haha, it was an awesome game and I really enjoyed playing against you in the first round! Let me know next time you're in the area and have some time for a rematch ;)

    @John Thanks! I've got some more to post up this week. And you'll definitely have to come to the next one, although I totally understand why you couldn't make it this year; speaking of which, has the new addition arrived yet?! :)