And We're Back...

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Finally, Comcast came through and we now have Internet at our new place. I've been out of commission the past few weeks dealing with the recent move and all the fun stuff that goes along with that, but happy to say the bulk of it is over! Still a few odds and ends to sort out but the new place is starting to come together nicely and I should be back on the hobby table soon. We're about 2 months out from Nova so if you haven't ordered your ticket yet, you better act quickly! Few spots remain and you don't want to miss this, or the opportunity for a good challenge ;)

I'd like to have my army finalized and fully painted in the next month to avoid any frantic hobby sessions at the last minute and to ensure I have enough time to get a feel for my tournament list. I'm not expecting much in terms of win/loss record, but I am expecting to have a great time (and part of that means not getting my ass handed to me every round). I'll get a list of what remains to be assembled or painted together so I can come up with a reasonable plan of action for the month. The last thing I want is for my hobby to feel like a chore, and it hasn't yet, but I do have a tendency to start on too many projects at once. Now is the time to focus in on my 2k point list and get in as many games with it as I can. Anyone else starting to feel the pressure? Time to stop reading 6th edition rumors and bring it back to basics (and reality!)

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