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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

So here's my top priority models at the moment:

- Captain on bike (bike is assembled and mostly painted; need to attach & paint the captain)
- 10 more bikes (4x plasma guns, 1x thunder hammer, 1 champion)
- Sgt. Telion & 3 more Sniper Scouts (all primed and ready to paint)
- 2 Dreadnought arms

I've debated whether or not to include a Vindicator or Landspeeder in the 2000 point list, so I've built several of each and started to paint them just in case. But the more I think about it, each of these units seem to be more effective in multiples and at the moment I don't have the points to include more than 1 of each. I'd like to keep the focus on bikes and dreadnoughts so there's not much I can swap out without impacting each of those. I'll leave the final tweaks up to some playtesting though. I'm trying to finish up painting the Master of the Forge and will post new shots of that model soon.

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