Citadel Finecast

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Last Saturday, I managed to pick up a couple of the new Citadel Finecast models; a Harlequin Shadowseer and Harlequin Death Jester.

With these two models I'm able to finish off my Harlequin Troupe, the latest addition to my Dark Eldar army. I tried to get these a couple of weeks ago when I ordered the Troupe box set (ahead of the price increase and switch to resin) in hopes of snagging some of the last metal miniatures from GW, but these two were already sold out. It's all good though because now I have a nice comparison between the old metal and new resin harlies.

The good news is that Finecast is better than what I was expecting - I thought it would be exactly like Forge World resin which can be prone to some extreme mold lines and loss of detail when extra material unfortunately seeps into the wrong parts of the mold (the quality of the production process just isn't as high with FW as it is with other/newer GW lines, at least from what I've seen). I still need to finish a few things before posting the rest of my FW order from a couple months ago. I finally picked up some much needed tools over the weekend that should make working with resin models much easier. More on those later.

Anyway, back to the Harlequins. The new Finecast models can be assembled pretty quickly. There may be slightly more cleanup required with the back of the hobby knife depending on the mold/model, but everything glues together faster than metal. The downside is this stuff is fragile! The top of my Shadowseer's staff seemed a little bent/loose on the spru, and sure enough after I cut it off and started to clean around the edges the skull fell off. Nothing a little greenstuff can't fix, but have to remember to be really careful with the thin pieces; they can't withstand any flexing to and fro and have very little give. On larger pieces/models I don't see this being an issue, just the small ones that are attached to the spru edges you have to watch for.

All in all, I'm impressed with the level of detail they can achieve with the new material. I'll have more as I start to paint these guys and also as I finish up the metal Harlequin counterparts and remaining FW models. I'm very happy to finally be working on a squad of Harlequins - these are the models that had just been redone when I started getting back into the hobby a few years ago from a long hiatus. No one put it better than my wife who, after several rounds of drinks at a nearby Chili's drunkenly blurted out to the guy working that night at the now closed GW store, "these new Harlequins are off the chain!!!"

Wow, that was 4 years ago!
I think he thought she was mocking him and the new minis, but she wasn't. I looked up and smiled and said "Yes, yes they are." :-)


  1. Your wife is a legend haha.
    I really got to get me some finecast.

  2. She really is!
    And I definitely recommend trying out some finecast models, they really aren't bad.