Year End Wrap Up

Thursday, December 30, 2010

It's been a good end to 2010 hobby-wise: after 12 long years we finally saw the Dark Eldar range refreshed (excellent job too!); I actually managed to free up a little time to get back into the hobby and recently picked up some new tools/supplies that should help keep me on track going into the new year. I'm really happy with the amount of progress that's been made in a relatively short amount of time and amidst the holiday frenzy. So here's where things stand, for the moment.

I finally made up my mind and decided to try out a design scheme for the bases. I wanted to have a nice contrast between the base color and the mostly chaos black armored Raven Guard. I also wanted to incorporate some textured elements on the base without adding too much complexity to the entire basing process for the squad. Here's some new shots of the "almost completed" Terminator Sergeant:

For the base, I used one layer of foundation paint (Khemri Brown) then glued some of Citadel's dead grass:

You can view more pictures of this guy here. I've posted some new photos in each of the galleries and have more on the way, so stay tuned. I was able to prime several 'on deck' projects today and am really excited to finish up these terminators so we can move on to some bigger and better things. Here's one more anyway:

Happy New Year!

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