Saturday, December 18, 2010

I started playing 40k in 1997 just as the games’ 2nd edition was transitioning to 3rd. Over the years I’ve built up a decent collection of miniatures, but sadly have never had the time to fully paint them all. I was never an especially good painter and certainly was never fast at assembly line painting before. However, I have learned a few of the basic/necessary techniques such as drybrushing, layering, etc. But my goal here is to have a nice quality paint job from a tabletop-distance view. Not going for something to necessarily compete for a Golden Demon, but at least have my playable force up to a minimum, *mostly* painted standard.

My first task is to finish off my Raven Guard themed Space Marine army -- I can’t just leave my first trusty force undone and start on a new army, like the Dark Eldar (even though they’re the primary motivation driving me to finish the marines and a big reason I decided to do this blog! More on these guys later, but for now let’s just say I was one of those people patiently waiting years for the DE refresh/re-release, and I cannot wait to dive into painting the recently released models; my next 40k project).

The intent of this site is to motivate and remind myself that painting even a little bit here and there whenever I can get a few minutes really does add up. I couldn’t believe how quickly this 10 man Terminator squad (see gallery) started coming together. I’ll have a more focused write up on them when they’re completed. Of course, playing with a fully painted army enhances the entire game experience for everyone, even spectators. For me, painting and coming up with my own custom conversions have been some of the most enjoyable aspects of the hobby, beyond the facets of the actual game. It’s finding the time that’s the limiting factor for me. I’m going to try to periodically update this site with the latest from my 40k projects I’m currently working on as they make their way across my painting table and onto the tabletop.

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